Morse Hy-Vo Chain 074

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High-quality Morse transfer case chain for 263XHD transfer cases.

Chain specifications: .4346 Pitch x 1-1/2 W x 84 Pitches - Round Pin

Why Morse® Hy·Yo® Chain?

Design Features and Benefits

Application Specific Design Styles: Morse offers a full line of applications which include round pin, three styles of rocker joint pin chain, ET guide links, and the new patented Morse Gemini® system. Each of these are specified by application based upon loads, operating conditions, and operating space. (Substituting design styles is not recommended since sprocket engagement would be affected.)
ET Guide Links: A patented guide link design which offers more even load distribution during operation. Chain designs will be upgraded based upon OE service conversions.
Chain Randomization: This is a patented design utilizing two different link styles to break up frequencies created from sprocket engagement. Patterns are selected at the time of OE design to minimize noise and vibration levels and to optimize operating strengths for each application.


Quality Features and Benefits

Quality and OEM Certification: In addition to having QS9000 Certification, Morse Hy-Vo Products utilize only the finest grades of steel for the links and pins. This means no inclusions or dirt in the steel itself. This contributes to the highest Tensile, Fatigue, and Wear characteristics. Proprietary Design and Manufacturing Techniques also create the highest quality chain in the aftermarket.